Mature Fitness

Achieving your fitness goals requires a multi‑pronged approach:

Do you want to pay for an ongoing relationship with a twenty-something personal trainer?
Do you really want to pay for a ‘customized‘ plan?
What does your body have in common with theirs?

Follow along with me as I share my exercise strategies with you.
It begins with a comprehensive exercise program for mature adults (with modifications for injuries). This is the program I developed or myself after years of research and study.

A nutritionist? Really?
Eating is not that complicated.
Not overeating, timing your meals and getting enough protein are the keys.

I will share my eating and food tracking strategies that will keep you on track on an ongoing basis.

A motivational coach?
I believe motivation can be maintained with a few simple strategies, tools and techniques. The posts I share will give you insight into what works for me day in and day out.
Rarely get off track and when you do get right back on it!

Exercise should be a treat and something looked forward to. Not a chore.

As we get older, I believe that a happy life requires you to…

  • Set realistic goals for Your age and body Type.
  • Live well.
  • Eat right.
  • Be flexible.
  • Stay strong.




Our Services

Welcome to my fitness site that focuses on more than just your body.


Personalized Trainer

Simply describe your goals, build a professional relationship, and watch as you begin to meet important milestones.


Group Events and Leagues

The group classes and yoga sessions are designed to help you workout both your mind and body.



Our on-staff nutritionist will help you eat in a healthy manner both inside and outside of our fitness cafeteria.






“The trifecta really helps … motivational coach, personal trainer, and nutritionist. I couldn’t have made it this far on my fitness journey without their help!”

– Henry Peterson


“I look forward to my weekly sessions and even find myself asking for salad dressing on the side. I’ve never felt healthier and my fitness goals are being surpassed. I’m amazed!”

– Sally Smith


“The center is amazing. It is like a camp for anyone that wants to get healthy, eat right, and stay strong.”

– Jason Miles