Fitness for people over 50

This site exists to support the fitness goals of people in the second half of their adult lives.

Fitness isn’t just for the twenty-somethings. It’s not for the rich or the poor. It’s for everyone. Fitness for people over 50 is a goal worth pursuing. Don’t give up and never surrender.

I want to share what I’ve learned about being injured, being out of shape and having a poor diet and how I solved these problems using nutrition, movement, weights, and my mind.

I particularly want to explore the effects that the proper ATTITUDE can have when it comes to solving these problems.

I believe a person pushing 50 does not have to:

  • Be Out of Shape.
  • Feel older than absolutely necessary.
  • Be inactive.
  • Let injuries define their life.
  • Achieve suboptimal results.

I will share the precise strategies and steps that work for me.
I want to make my success replicable for you.
I will be honest about my successes and failures. My aches and pains.
If one person can be healthier, feel better, live longer or learn to do more than they thought possible, than the effort I’ve put into this will be worth it.

Being older is about using wisdom and knowledge to achieve more than the unfocused enthusiasm of youth.

My results are real. After appendectomy. After shoulder surgery gone awry. After personal and professional upheaval (yes, I will get into the ugly details). I could have been down and out. Maybe I should have been. But instead I decided to make a series of changes. To study the science and to experiment and adjust in order to get things done.
I made a conscious decision to live the life I want. To achieve results I desired while simultaneously enjoying the process. This website will focus on the fitness aspects of this process.

Life is a journey. Maybe we should take this trip together?